Mind Sports Chess: Multiple Events 19 – 23 November 2014 in London Docklands

Mind Sports Academy Finals

Multiple Chess Events 19 – 23 November 2014

Chess Mind Sports Academy Finals - https://www.mindsportsevents.com/

What are you doing between Wednesday 19th and Sunday 23rd November 2014?  Come and play chess in one of the best venues I have ever seen!  This event is part of a Mind Sports Festival including Scrabble, Magic the Gathering, Go and others. We might even squeeze in some Shogi.

I'm proud to have been asked to run the chess events - let's make the chess the best part!
  • If you have five days and fancy winning a share of £10,000
  • If you have a weekend free
  • If you have spare time during the week
  • If you like rapid chess
  • If you like blitz chess - and fancy winning £600
  • If you have one evening
  • If you are Under 18
Then this has an event for you!

Here is a list of FIDE registered tournaments in England. There will be a separate entry for each section of each event (e.g. Golders Green Rapidplay = 4 sections, 4 registrations). If you see any of mine missing, do let me know! 

Scroll down to the bottom to access the archive of events. 

Only games where at least one of the players has a published standard FIDE rating will be rated, and included in the rating calculations of the unrated player. Where both players are rated, the game will affect both players and will be included in the calculations for both players.

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