what is the usual protocol for chess tournaments?

In case you have never played in a chess tournament before, here are some guidelines!


In case you have never played in a chess tournament before, here are some guidelines!

we supply chess boards, pieces, clocks, scoresheets, food and drink at a cost, spare pens

Turn electronic devices OFF or better still do not bring them
if your phone or other device makes a noise during the game you will forfeit the game
if you have a device do not take it to the toilet with you or you will forfeit the game
the arbiter will keep your phones during the game if necessary, but cannot guarantee their safety

you should bring a pen or two if you need to write your games down
you should bring change for food and correct change to pay your entry fees

make sure that the white side of the clock is up before starting
always shake hands with your opponents when you start
always shake hands at the end of the game, no matter what the result!

never speak to your opponent during the game, except to offer them a draw or a drink
if you have a problem of any kind with your opponent, pause the clock and call the arbiter and speak to them

if you intend to adjust a piece, say "I adjust" before doing so
otherwise, if you touch one of your pieces, you must move it (if there is a legal move)
otherwise, if you touch your opponents piece, you must take it, if possible

if you castle, touch and move the King first
otherwise, if you touch the rook first, your opponent can insist that you move the rook

offer a draw on your own time and AFTER making your move - then press your clock
do not repeatedly offer a draw if your opponent refuses your first offer

do NOT hit the clock, especially with a piece
each turn, move the pieces and press the clock with the same hand

adjust the pieces in your own time
if you knock pieces over, replace them in your own time

before promoting a pawn, find the piece that you require and replace the pawn before pressing your clock
illegal moves, when completed, lose - this includes moving a pawn to the eighth rank or taking the opponent's king 
your move is competed when you press the clock and stop your time running
you may PAUSE the chess clock to ask the arbiter for a piece, or to raise any reasonable query
if you know how to start the clock, you know how to pause the clock - it's the same button!

in rapid tournaments (25 or 30 minutes per player) like Golders Green you do not have to write the game down - but you may do so if you wish
scoresheets are usually provided

in standard games with a time increment, you are usually obliged to write the game down throughout
you are usually expected to use the scoresheets provided rather than your own scorebook

when you have finished the game, please reset the pieces and the clock

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Here is a list of FIDE registered tournaments in England. There will be a separate entry for each section of each event (e.g. Golders Green Rapidplay = 4 sections, 4 registrations). If you see any of mine missing, do let me know! 

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Only games where at least one of the players has a published standard FIDE rating will be rated, and included in the rating calculations of the unrated player. Where both players are rated, the game will affect both players and will be included in the calculations for both players.

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