Results of the Golders Green Rapidplay of 1st August 2009


With Adam Raoof and some 25 regular competitors away playing at the British Championships in Torquay,
82 players ultimately turned up for our extravaganza.

  Here is the prize list. Note that * means "didn't stay
for prizegiving".

OPEN (16 players)
1-4 Kilpatrick, Basman, Moskovic, Haydon 4.5 / 6 [Kilpatrick led
throughout, but was caught in the final round, losing to Basman]
U175 was a 5-way tie between 5 chaps*****(!) on 3/6, Cutmore D, Voropayev, Merry, Williams P
minor, Villiers.

MAJOR (16 players)
1 David Sedgwick 5/6
2-4 Hoffmann, Kelly P*, Hayward* 4/6
U145 Enciu* 4/6

The last round had an amusing finish in Goss – Baker: W Pf4 Qe7 B Kh6
Qg4 Ph7, g6, f5 (and other assorted pawns elsewhere for both White and
Black – it was a heavyweight Q+P ending). It finished 1. ... Qh5?? 2.

MINOR (24 players)
1 Lee, V 6/6
2 Torrance 4.5/6
U115 Rixon, Lee L, Byrne* 4/6
I didn't see many games, but I did notice Lawrence's stroke of luck with Black in round 3 against
Anand Krishnan:

W: Kd3 Bf5 Pa4, c4, c6, d5
B: Kd8 Bc7 Pd6, b6,a5

It's grim for Black, but the opposite bishops & blocked position might
let him hold. Of course, 1. c5 is critical and Anand did well to find
that move. Black captured "naturally" with 1. ... bxc5, so as not to
allow connected passers, but that let the White king in unhindered on
the queenside: 2. Kc4 Ke7 3. Kb5 Kd8 and now 4. Ka6 followed by 5. Kb7
would be zugzwang in short order. For some reason Anand now moved his
bishop off the key diagonal – something like 4. Bd3 – letting Lawrence
shove his king into b8 quick smart: 4. ... Kc8 5. Ka6 Kb8, and
eventually drawn. I think 1. ... dxc5 holds but it's so unnatural, and
would need longplay times to work that out.

AMATEUR (26 players)
1 Bynnersley 5.5/6
2-3 Tomic, Watts 5/6
U85 Ainscow 4/6 (three others on 4/6 but all over 85!)

Finally, thanks to Jo Durrant for taking entries at the start of the congress,
Hannah for the regular coffees, Michael Bennett for printing the pairing cards, but
infinite thanks to Graeme Lennard from Hendon Chess Club. It was he who set up the tables & boards
virtually on his own.

Tim Dickinson"
Best wishes

Adam Raoof

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Hendon, London NW4 4UY

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