Dear Friends

We are holding the next rapidplay event at Golders Green on the 17th April 2010.  Have you thought about playing but never found the time?  Played a few years ago and were thinking about entering again?  You can enter April's event for just £10.00! 

Normally it's a quite reasonable £15.00, or £14.00 for juniors, or £20.00 on the door, so you could save up up £10.00.  And we hope that you will enjoy the event, and come back every month!

To take advantage of this offer, print this email and enclose it with your entry for April 2010 with your payment NOW. You can download the entry form at  as usual with all the details of the event. 

This offer is only available if you enter either:

1. by post in advance enclosing this voucher OR
2. enter online and enter the code APRIL SPECIAL OFFER in the 'RECENT RESULTS' field

This fee is not refundable or transferable. This offer only applies to the April 17th 2010 Golders Green Rapidplay.

DID YOU KNOW? We have been organising this event for 18 years this year?


Here are the top scores from the March event.  You can find the full results of every Golders Green Rapidplay at our website for the past seven years! 

Keep reading for what's at the hall in April...





  Pos   Player                            Grade        1        2        3        4        5        6     Pts   Games Perf  

1st 1   Henderson, Ian R                    168     bye=     w21+      b5+     w10+      b4+      b2=      5      6    225   

    2   Rizvi, Nazir                        190     b20-     w14+     b18+     w15+      b7+      w1=           6    190  

    3   Vachtfeidl, Petr                    163     w22+      b4-      w6=      b9+     b10+      w7+           6    194  

    4   Stewart, Joseph                     184     b12+      w3+      b7=     w11+      w1-      b5=      4      6    193  

    5   Orishko, Yaroslav                   195      w6=     b13+      w1-     b20+      w8+      w4=      4      6    188  

    6   Wells, Tony D                       168      b5=     w11-      b3=     w18+     w17+     b12+      4      6    187  




  Pos   Player                            Grade        1        2        3        4        5        6     Pts   Games Perf  

1st 2   Faulkner, David J                   169     w12=     b15=     w14+      b8=      w7+      b9+           6    175  

    3   Sagues, Vincent                     163     bye+      b8+      w5+      b1-      w4-      w6+      4      6    175  

    4   Morrey, Peter                       160     bye=     w17=     b15+     w11+      b3+      b1-      4      6    178  

    5   McCabe, Shane                       159     w14+     b16+      b3-      w6-     b12+     w11+      4      6    166  

    6   Hjort, Helge                        168     w13=      b9+     w10+      b5+      w1-      b3-           6    169  

    7   Bedwell, Richard                    150     b18+     b10=      w1-     w15+      b2-     w17+           6    170  

    8   Bunn, Matthew                       154     b19+      w3-     b16+      w2=      b9-     b10+           6    161  

    9   Landau, Jonathan                    157     bye=      w6-     b17+     b13+      w8+      w2-           6    166  




  Pos   Player                            Grade        1        2        3        4        5        6     Pts   Games Perf  

1st 1   Madden, Steve                       139     w22+     b18+      w8+      b2-      w5+      w3+      5      6    168  

1st 2   Twomey, Pat                         144     w17=     b27+     w20+      w1+      b3=      b6+      5      6    170  

    3   Norcliffe-Brown, Dominic            138     w26+     b23+      w9+      b5+      w2=      b1-           6    159  

    4   Tombs, Samuel                       UNG     w27=     b25+     w16=      b9+      w8=     b17+           6    157  

    5   Cavendish, Joshua Z                 136     w29+      b6+     w14+      w3-      b1-      b8+      4      6    150  

    6   McNish, David                       143     b10+      w5-     b22+      w7+     b15+      w2-      4      6    152  

    7   Du Plessis, Jaques                  UNG     w24-     b26+     w18+      b6-     w16+     b14+      4      6    153  

    8   Brooke, Ian R                       133     w28+     b11+      b1-     w10+      b4=      w5-           6    144  

    9   Busiri Lakshminarayanan, Balaji    e142     w30+     b24+      b3-      w4-     b23+     w10=           6    144  

   10   Fleischer, Jeff H                   129      w6-     b28+     w11+      b8-     w12+      b9=           6    144  

   11   Byrne, Des                          137     b15+      w8-     b10-     w18+     b22=     w26+           6    137  

   12   Limonov, Petr                       139     bye=     w16-     b29+     w21+     b10-     w22+           6    134  

   13   Meynell, Alexander FM               139     b21-     w29=     b25+     b17-     w24+     w15+           6    134  




  Pos   Player                            Grade        1        2        3        4        5        6     Pts   Games Perf  

1st 1   Konieczny, Robert                   UNG      w3+      b7+     w18+      b9+     w10+      b5+      6      6    172  

    2   Armburg-Jennings, Henry             UNG     bye=     w26+     b23+     b10-     w11+      b9+           6    132  

    3   Suchkov, Alex                       UNG      b1-     w20+     b24+     w13=     b15+      w4+           6    139  

    4   Ignatovic, Ernest                   UNG      w17+     b10=     w11+     b18+      w9=      b3-      4      6    127  

    5   Sanders, Tim                         77     b24+     w22+      b9-      w8+      b6+      w1-      4      6    120  

    6   Miles, Barry S                      106     w16+     b11-     w26+      b7+      w5-     b10+      4      6    106  

    7   Popat, Ravi                         101     b21+      w1-     b15+      w6-     b13+     w12+      4      6    113  

    8   Buckland, David AS                   95     w19+      w9-     b22+      b5-     w14+     b11+      4      6    107  

    9   Ainscow, Faye                       111     bye+      b8+      w5+      w1-      b4=      w2-           6    115  

   10   Morgan, Jack                       e121     b12+      w4=     b13+      w2+      b1-      w6-           6    129  



NOW FIVE ROUNDS - £5 for non-members. Please tell your friends about this event!  15 minutes per player per game, five graded rounds. Swiss tournament format.  7.30pm start, St Alban's Church Hall. This is the second in our series of events, which are open to all. Send me an email if you are coming.

10 minutes each, six rounds. 7.30pm start, St Alban's Church Hall – see you there! Our website has all the details you need.


Pay a Golders Green 'Golden Card' subscription and play in the next 12 calendar months of Golders Green events for just £140.00! That's a saving of as much as £100 assuming you play in every event (no refunds for absences, however!).  You can buy a Golden Card at any time at the tournament venue.


We have relaunched this scheme to include the brand new title of National Master - details appear here;

We are looking to add benefits for all titleholders - if you are able to offer them discounted entry to your events, please let me know and we will update the page!


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