Leonard Barden's Chess column

Dear Sir

Thank you for taking the time to write to us about the chess column.  Firstly, may I say we absolutely agree: Leonard Barden is a chess columnist par excellence.  His experience and dedication to the Evening Standard is incomparable.  As a long-standing member of the Evening Standard editorial team myself, I cannot overstate my admiration for the commitment and loyalty that Leonard has shown to the Evening Standard over so many years - far more years than any of us on the paper.

I am delighted that Leonard has agreed to continue writing his column for the Evening Standard.  It is now appearing each day on our web site, standard.co.uk. The web address for this is www.standard.co.uk/chess.

It may be helpful for you to know that I have arranged for the puzzles page on the web site to be redesigned to include a direct link from this page to the chess and bridge columns, and this will be introduced next week.

We absolutely understand the points you make.  I am sure you will appreciate that pressure on space in the printed paper means hard decisions have to be made.  We would love to be able to include material each day for every aspect of interest of all our readers, but I am sure you will understand that this is not possible.  We are continuing to review which columns can appear daily, and we will consider the position with the chess column over the next few weeks.  Meanwhile, I hope you will be able to go online and enjoy Leonard's daily column on standard.co.uk

With my thanks for your time and interest, and your support to Leonard and your commitment to the Evening Standard,

Best wishes,

Doug Wills
Managing Editor
T: +44 020 7938 6233
F: +44 020 7937 2849

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Only games where at least one of the players has a published standard FIDE rating will be rated, and included in the rating calculations of the unrated player. Where both players are rated, the game will affect both players and will be included in the calculations for both players.

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