Nigel Short Simul Reminder, Middlesex University Real Tennis Club (MURTC) 15th February 2011

Date: Tuesday 15th February 2011-



Junior Simul starts at 4.30pm

Adult Simul starts at 7.30pm


Junior Simul Entrants


Aditya   Verma  97

Andrew   Smailes 92

Jennifer Ehr        130

Claire     Ehr         65

Keir        Maclean              

Sam       James  

Daniel   O'Connell           

Jamie    Spillard

Joel        Malam  113

Freddie                John    

Ross       Milverton          

Kishen Singh    

Ted        James  

Joseph  Levene 157

Arkady  Shevchuk          

Anna     Purvis   

Zheming Zhang

Hung     Jake      

Hung     Dylan    

Jonathan Pein  

Parris     Ikuomola            

Dominic Klingher             


Mixed Simul Entrants so far


Petr       Vachtfeidl     173

Monica Gergelova     90

Malcolm Winter     117

Kishan   Pattni     133

Tim         Sanders        97

Daniel   Ellis      182

Isaac      Sanders       176

Joe         Raine                    

Nick       Murphy     112

Dominic Gibbs      173

Edwin    Kalerwa               

Frank     Sabin   147

Tony      Niccoli  

Tryfon   Gavriel 

Ravi        Haria    174

Nigel      Sussman             

Joe         Diss       

Alexander Meynell        

Anthony Mathurin   120

Jochen  Wittmann     200


Dear Friends,


I hope you are looking forward to your game with Nigel!  If you haven't played a simul before, just order yourself a drink, take your seat where you find your name plate and relax.  Nigel gets white in all the games, please shake hands before the start of the game, and you are only supposed to make your move when Nigel arrives at your board. No clocks, and we will adjudicate any games unfinished if we have to!


Footwear – please wear flat shoes to protect the surface of the tennis court.

Spectators – please note that there are viewing galleries all around the court that you can use


Attached is a map of the campus at Hendon.  You can get to us via The Burroughs (if coming by public transport) or via Greyhound Hill car park, postcode NW4 4BT). Please note that the entrance to the MURTC is through the Forum (next to the Sports Pitch, top left on the map) and turn left and go down the stairs to reception.



·         Please bring a pen and a scoresheet, and do let us have a copy of your game when you've finished – we hope to cover the event on the internet and publish the best games.  There will be a prize for the best game in each simul.


·         We hope to get some demo boards so that you can go through the game with International Master Lorin d'Costa, coach, CJ de Mooi or even Nigel himself.


·         Please bring anything you want Nigel or CJ to sign, within reason.  There will be plenty of time to sign books and purchase DVD's.

Dutch Grandmaster Jan Hein Donner offered the following advice to a player taking a board at a simultaneous exhibition.

"If you are to stand a chance of scoring a half or a full point, there are a few things to bear in mind:

A. Be sure to take special care in the opening. Play something you know well and play carefully. The simul-giver will be very unpleasantly surprised to find that after some twenty moves he has achieved nothing at your board. He will usually propose a draw to be rid of such a troublemaker. Do not accept! Your boldness will greatly upset him.

B. Play aggressively. Ninety-five percent of all victims in simultaneous displays usually owe their defeat to their own passivity. The simul-giver lacks the time to work out variations but doing so is more important when defending than in an attack. On psychological grounds, too, aggressively approaching the simul-giver is a sound and very effective strategy.

C. Don't be afraid to exchange pieces. The simul-giver will play the endgame much better than you, of course, but it is — once again — very important at this stage of the game to calculate variations and that is precisely what he has no time for. Do not be afraid!"


-- Best wishes

Adam Raoof

ECF Director of Home Chess
FIDE International Organiser & Arbiter
328 Watford Way
Hendon, London NW4 4UY

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Hendon Chess Club:

Mobile: 07855 036 537

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