British Shogi Championships 2013

The 2013 British Open Shogi Championships were held in Hampstead (London) over the weekend of November 30th/December 1st.
Tomoya Mizogami from Japan is the new British Open Shogi Champion with the untouchable score of 6/6. Second on tie-break was Koranat Saengwat from Thailand on 4/6. Third was last year’s open champion, Steven Cain, also on 4/6. Steven wins the title of British Shogi Champion as he is the highest placed of all the local players. Interestingly both the winner and the runner-up are currently unrated by FESA (the European Shogi Federation). Unrated players do not usually finish above dan-rated players!

Twelve players competed in total, coming from far and wide. Peter Hingley flew in from Munich for the event while Benjamin Briffaud travelled down from York. Fortunately both Peter and Benjamin were staying locally on Saturday night as widespread train troubles made rather a mess of the Sunday start. Lionel Kent and Efren Rubio both arrived almost an hour late after heroic journeys (luckily they were playing each other in the fourth round) while Edward Ishiyama (joint-second on 2/3 after the first day) was stranded in Cambridge and couldn’t make it at all. And it wasn’t even snowing!
A knockout rapidplay shogi event was held after the third round on Saturday. Tomoya Mizogami beat Les Blackstock in the final. Lionel Kent won the ‘plate’ event for players knocked out in the first round.
An all-play-all blitz event was held after the last round on Sunday for the six players who didn’t have to rush off. Peter Hingley and Koranat Saengwat finished joint first on 4/5.
Detailed results for the 2013 British Open Shogi Championship, 2013-11-30/2013-12-01
1 [Mizogami][Tomoya] JP --- --- [12+ 4+ 8+ 3+ 2+ 6+] 6
2 [Saengwat][Koranat] TH --- --- [10+ 3+ 5- 7+ 1- 11+] 4
3 [Cain][Stephen] GB 2 dan 1869 [7+ 2- 10+ 1- 4+ 5+] 4
4 [Matsuura][Daisuke] JP 1 dan 2057 [11+ 1- 9+ 5+ 3- 0-] 3
5 [Blackstock][Les] GB 3 dan 1860 [6+ 8- 2+ 4- 9+ 3-] 3
6 [Kent][Lionel] GB 6 kyu 1308 [5- 10- 7+ 12+ 11+ 1-] 3
7 [Briffaud][Benjamin] FR 2 kyu 1556 [3- 11+ 6- 2- 12+ 9+] 3
8 [Ishiyama][Edward] JP 1 kyu 1725 [9+ 5+ 1- 0- 0- 0-] 2
9 [Hart][Peter] GB ---1357 [8- 12+ 4- 11+ 5- 7-] 2
10 [Faldon][David] GB 3 kyu 1455 [2- 6+ 3- 0- 0- 12+] 2
11 [Hingley][Peter] GB 4 kyu 1329 [4- 7- 12+ 9- 6- 2-] 1
12 [Rubio][Efren] ES 11 kyu 831 [1- 9- 11- 6- 7- 10-] 0
With many thanks to everyone that played in the events, to everyone that watched (yes, there were spectators!), to everyone that helped demonstrate shogi to the many chess-playing visitors and to everyone (i.e. Adam, Norman and yElena) that helped make the whole event run so smoothly and so enjoyably for all.
David Faldon (President, British Shogi Federation)

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