Adam Raoof's Chess Calendar

Issued 01/03/2016

Adam Raoof's Chess Calendar

March 2016

03 THU: Hendon First Thursday of the month FIDE Blitz, 6 rds, 1 Open Section,
10 mins each, NW11. Website -

05 SAT: Golders Green FIDE Rapid, monthly, 6 rds, 4 sections,
25 mins each+5 secs a move, NW11 7QG. Website -

12-13 SAT-SUN: Hampstead FIDE Congress, monthly, 5 rds, 3 Sections,
60 mins each+30 secs a move - Under 2200, Under 1900 (if you have an ECF grade you must ALSO be Under 160),
ECF Under 135, NW3 6NS. Website -

25-28: Southend Easter Congress, annual, 7 Round FIDE Rated Open (FRI-MON)
PLUS 4 Weekenders (SAT & SUN), SS1 2UN. Website -

April 2016

02 SAT: Golders Green FIDE Rapid, monthly, 6 rds, 4 sections,
25 mins each+5 secs a move, NW11 7QG. Website -

07 THU: Hendon First Thursday of the month FIDE Blitz, 1 Open Section,
10 mins each, NW11. Website -

10-16: Polar Capital Jersey International, annual, 2 Sections,
90 mins each+30s a move, 9 Round FIDE Open and 7 Round FIDE Rated Holiday plus Jersey Blitz
Championship. Website -

22-24 FRI-SUN: Central London Congress at Imperial College, annual, 5 Rounds, FIDE Open,
FIDE Major Under 2000 / 175 and Minor Under 140 / 1750, 90 mins + 30 secs a move. Players must be 18+ due to licensing laws. Website -


09 JUL SAT: 4th DeMontford Bell Kings Place Festival Rapid, annual, £3000 in prizes, 6 rds,
5 sections, Open / Under 170 / Under 145 / Under 120 / Under 85, 25 mins + 5 secs a move, Kings Cross.
Website -


** No membership of a chess club is required to take part in any event listed.
** English Chess Federation membership is only compulsory in standard (not rapid or blitz) FIDE rated sections
like Hampstead Under 2200 and Under 1900 and then only for English players (who must be Gold or above).
If you are ECF Silver or above it should save you money entering rapid events or ECF graded sections at congresses like Hampstead Under 135.
All my events are ECF graded and FIDE rated where advertised.
To become a member of the English Chess Federation ring 01424 775 222 to join or visit

Contact: Adam Raoof, FIDE International Chess Arbiter and Organiser, 07855 036 537, Website -


Useful links!

FIDE Rating Database -
English Chess Federation Grading Database -
Chess Results Database -


ENTRY FORM:  for Hampstead Congresses, Golders Green FIDE Rapid or Muswell Hill FIDE Rapid

EVENT DATE _________________________ SECTION __________________________________

NAME (in capital letters please) _________________________________________________________

FIDE ID NUMBER ______________________________  ECF GRADING CODE __________________________

NATIONALITY _________________ DATE OF BIRTH DD/MM/YYYY __________/__________/_____________


BYE IN ROUND(S) (please circle up to two half point byes) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

CONTACT PHONE __________________________ CHESS CLUB OR POSTCODE __________________________

CONTACT EMAIL _____________________@______________________________________________________


Hampstead FIDE Congresses
£45.00 (unrated players) /  £40.00 (those rated on the standard FIDE list)
£40.00 entry for the ECF Graded sections, add £7.00 non ECF (+£5.00 U16s)

Golders Green FIDE Rapid / Muswell Hill FIDE Rapid
Adults - £25.00 for ECF Silver-Platinum members / ADD £7.00 if you are Bronze or a non-member
U16s - Deduct £2.00 for Junior Members Under 16 / add £5.00 if you're not ECF Silver+

PAY BY PAYPAL - - or cheque to Adam Raoof, 328 Watford Way, Hendon NW4 4UY


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Here is a list of FIDE registered tournaments in England. There will be a separate entry for each section of each event (e.g. Golders Green Rapidplay = 4 sections, 4 registrations). If you see any of mine missing, do let me know! 

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Only games where at least one of the players has a published standard FIDE rating will be rated, and included in the rating calculations of the unrated player. Where both players are rated, the game will affect both players and will be included in the calculations for both players.

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